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Roslyn Anderson teaches English IV Honors and English IV College Prep at Cypress Lake High School. She grew up in New Hampshire and earned a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from the University of South Florida in Tampa. She worked five years as a reporter at the News-Press in Fort Myers before becoming a teacher. She has taught 25 years in Lee County, including four years at Lee Middle School and 21 years at Cypress Lake High School. She has been one of the senior sponsors at Cypress for 15 years, helping the seniors with their class T-shirts, Homecoming activities, Grad Bash trip, and graduation.

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A Message from Your Senior Class President

What does it mean to be a senior?

In high school, being a senior has various meanings; for underclassmen it means we're the top dogs and are just ready to go and to teachers it means dealing with our raging cases of senioritis, but what does being a senior really mean?  To those who have made it this far, through every homework assignment, every essay, every project, every all-nighter pulled in order to ensure some form of success, we are the future.  Being a senior means so much more than just being the essence of procrastination, it means being at the brink of adulthood, welcoming what is ahead with open arms.  Being a senior means openheartedly accepting the fact that, while the times spent here at high school were unforgettable and a huge impact on our lives, it's time to move forward and show the world what we have to offer. 


Cypress Lake High School

Senior Class President