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The goal of AP Capstone is to prepare students for success in their college careers and future workplaces. AP Capstone at Cypress Lake is unique in approach and offerings.  We offer 28 different AP courses including 4 tracks of study. Please see application packet below for details.

Latest News!

It is time for AP testing, EOC, SAT, ACT….are you ready?

Ms. Gair will hold an Advancement Workshop on Testing Strategies:

  • Wednesday, March 22nd from 6:30-7:30 pm

  • In the Cypress Lake Media Center

Are YOU ready?!

Welcome AP Class of 2021!

Acceptance letters for our biggest freshman class yet went out Friday, March 10th! Questions? Call our Guidance Department at 481-2233.

AP Options

AP Capstone Diploma

Requires the completion of AP Seminar, AP Research, and 4 additional AP courses of choice with passing scores of 3 or higher.

AP Capstone Certificate

Requires the completion of AP Seminar and AP Research, with  passing scores of 3 or higher.

AP Scholar Designations by College Board

  • AP Scholar- Grades of 3 or better on 3 or more AP exams
  • AP Scholar with Honor- Grades of 3 or better on 4 or more AP exams and an aveage of 3.25 on all AP exams taken
  • AP Scholar with Distinction- Grades of 3 or better on 5 or more AP exams and an average of 3.5 on all AP exams taken
  • National AP Scholar- Grades of 4 or better on 8 or more AP exams and an average of 4 on all AP exams (must be a student in the U.S.)


Questions about AP vs IB?

AP Application and Information

AP Instructors, Courses & Summer Assignments

Roxanna Bradway

NOTE: All students taking Honors/Pre-AP Biology, regardless of AP Capstone, have to do a summer assignment!

Instructor's email               2016 AP Summer Assignment               Pre-AP Bio AND Honors Bio Summer Assignment

Webpage                                Ch 43 Behavioral Ecology

AP Biology Syllabus           Ch 44 Popuations

                                                    Ch 45 Communities

                                                    Ch 46 Major Ecosystems

                                                    Ch 47 Conserving Biodiversity


Rebecca Carden

Instructor's email

AP World History (9th grade)                 2016 Summer Assignment

Sharyl Kistel

Instructor's email                                   2016 Summer  Intro Letter

AP World History (10th grade)          2016 Summer Assignment     


Jennifer Prieto

Instructor's email

AP Human Geography          2016 Human Geo Summer Assignment

AP Psychology                         2016 AP Psych Welcome Letter

                                                       2016 AP Psych Summer Assignment

Rich Rode

Instructor's email

AP Macro & Microeconomics       No Summer Assignment

Paul Rothenberg

Elisa Scherff

Instructor's email

AP Research, Capstone          2016 Summer Assignment

Gary Stroh

Instructor's email

AP Music Theory          No Summer Assignment

Kelly Stutz

Instructor's email

AP U.S. History          No Summer Assignment

Christian Zimmerman

Instructor's email

AP Literature and Composition          2016 Summer Assignment